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A trademark is a branding tool used in commerce to distinguish your product, service, or organization from others in the marketplace. It is typically comprised of the following elements:

  • Word(s)
  • Phrases
  • Symbols
  • Designs
  • Images
  • Logos
  • A Combination of One or More of These

Trademarks are widely used on the Internet, and the free and open nature of the online world has made infringement a major problem. For example, one party often attempts to profit from the earned goodwill of another party by registering a similar domain name. This can lead to a legal domain dispute. If you are involved in any type of legal issue involving a trademark, you need a skilled intellectual property attorney in your corner aggressively pursuing your best interests.

At Nelson Cyber Law, we have in-depth knowledge of online trademarks and all other aspects of Internet law. John Nelson has both a legal and technical background. He understands the language of the digital world, and he puts his unique skillset to work by positioning his clients to obtain a favorable outcome.

Should I Register My Trademark?

The first step in protecting your trademark is to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Though registration is not required to obtain "common law" protectable rights, there are several advantages to doing so:

  • Federal registration lists your trademark in USPTO databases, creating a public notice of your claim to ownership.
  • Federal registration gives a presumption that you have exclusive rights to use the mark nationwide. By contrast, state registration limits you to the particular state in which you are registered, and common law rights limit you to the specific area in which you are using your mark.
  • Federal registration provides the basis for registering your trademark in foreign countries (if you choose to do so).
  • Federal registration gives you the right to use the federal (letter "R" in the circle) ® trademark symbol.
  • Federal registration gives you the right to bring a legal action (concerning your trademark) in federal court.

Federal trademark registration can be a lengthy and complicated process. Several documents must be filed within an allotted period of time, and the application must be closely tracked until approval is secured. Attorney Nelson can assist you with all steps in the registration process to help protect your trademark from coast to coast.

Aggressive Nationwide Trademark Enforcement

When someone infringes on your trademark (or if you are an alleged infringer), you need strong legal counsel by your side. Attorney Nelson's technical knowledge gives him an advantage during the electronic discovery process. For example, he is often able to identify critically important evidence that others might overlook, such as digital source code.

John works swiftly to put together a solid case for his clients and develop the most effective path toward a positive outcome. In many trademark infringement and trade dress infringement cases, a stern "cease and desist" letter may be all that is needed to resolve the issue. However, if further legal action is necessary, he is fully equipped to pursue your interests within federal legal venues For skilled guidance with the protection and enforcement of trademarks in Florida and nationwide, contact our office today at 1-800-440-5536

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