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The digital world is continually evolving, and there are a growing number of federal and state laws and regulations governing internet commerce. To ensure that your legal exposure is minimized, you need terms of service (TOS) agreements and privacy policies that address your specific needs and are in full compliance with all controlling legal authorities. If you have a website and do business online, it is best to craft your digital contracts with the assistance of a skilled cyber law attorney.

At Nelson Cyber Law, we have extensive knowledge of terms of service and privacy policies and all other types of online contracts. Attorney John Nelson has both a legal and technical background, and he lives and breathes internet law. John works tirelessly to stay on top of all the latest developments on the web, and he puts his unique skillset to work to give clients strong legal counsel and representation at a reasonable price.

Internet Terms of Service Agreements

If you have a website, you have a legal relationship with everyone who visits the site. This is true even if the visitor does not purchase anything or even identify themselves. For this reason, it is important for you to spell out the terms and conditions by which this relationship is being entered into. TOS agreements can cover several areas, including but not limited to:

  • User Rights and Responsibilities
  • User Registration Procedures
  • Definition of Key Words and Phrases used on the Site
  • Liability Limits
  • Anti-SPAM Disclaimers
  • Payment Details (if applicable)
  • Arbitration/Dispute Resolution Processes
  • Choice of Applicable Legal Venue

Poorly worded terms of service agreements can lead to thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees, as well as fines and other types of enforcement actions from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state governing agencies.

Online Privacy Policies

Your privacy policy explains the policies of your website regarding the collection, retention and distribution of the private information of your end users. This includes how data is collected, when and with whom the data is shared, and what measures are taken to protect private data from falling into the wrong hands. Because hacking has become an online epidemic, there are a growing number of laws and regulations governing the collection, storage and dissemination of private data. Due to the nature of their businesses, certain types of organizations are even more heavily scrutinized. These include financial and healthcare companies, businesses that cater to children, and businesses with customers from outside the U.S.

Tampa Terms of Service and Privacy Policies Lawyer in Tampa

Every business with a digital presence should have a TOS agreement and privacy policy. Without these documents, you are inviting legal trouble. Attorney John Nelson has an in-depth understanding of online privacy policies and terms of service agreements, and he can craft documents that are customized around the specifics of your organization. He has worked with numerous web developers and internet-based businesses, and he knows what language needs to be in these documents to keep your legal exposure limited. For a free initial 30-minute consultation with John Nelson, contact us today at 1-800-440-5536.

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