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Affiliate Marketing and Reseller Agreements for Clients in St. Petersburg, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Many online vendors sell their products and/or services through affiliates or resellers. Selling through a third party can broaden your market and grow your sales, but there are some risks involved as well. In particular, you need to ensure that those marketing your offerings and representing your brand are abiding by your standards. Affiliate/reseller agreements spell out the terms and conditions by which these outside parties can conduct business relating to your products and services. To ensure these agreements are in keeping with your best interests, it is important to create them with the assistance of a skilled online contracts lawyer.

Nelson Cyber Law works with numerous online businesses and web developers to develop strong affiliate/reseller agreements and other types of web-based contracts. John Nelson has a background in both law and technology; he understands the online world, and he knows exactly what language needs to be included in online contracts to ensure your interests are protected and your legal exposure is minimized.

Differences Between Affiliate and Reseller Agreements

There are some notable differences between affiliates and resellers that should be reflected in the agreements created for each.


Tens of thousands of online vendors have affiliates that market their products or services. In fact, even well-known online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart have affiliate marketers that advertise their offerings. Affiliates are often individuals running very small operations with low overhead and a strategy of pre-selling the prospect and directing them to the vendor website to close the sale. They are relatively easy to acquire, and they typically do not have a close relationship with the vendor they are marketing for.

The risk of having so many individuals out there marketing your offerings online is that some may not use ethical practices, which can create legal exposure for your organization. To address this concern, strongly worded affiliate agreements are needed to ensure you can enforce your standards or, if needed, terminate your agreement with any affiliate that does not abide by its terms and conditions.


Resellers differ from affiliates in that they tend to have a closer relationship with the vendor. They typically have a certain geographical focus, often buying in bulk and "white-labeling" the product or service to the end user. Reseller agreements tend to be longer term than those of affiliates, and they are often very complex; requiring contracts, sales targets, invoicing and billing systems, and many other elements. Some examples of online industries where it is common to have resellers include web hosting, cloud computing, and software as a service (SAAS).

Skilled Tampa Affiliate and Reseller Agreements Lawyer

At Nelson Cyber Law, we understand that every organization is unique and every contract needs to be crafted based on your specific needs. Attorney Nelson takes the time to thoroughly understand your business and insert the language your affiliate and/or reseller agreements need to ensure all of your legal bases are covered. He also offers competitive rates and a free initial 30-minute consultation to evaluate your needs. To schedule your personalized consultation, contact our office today at 1-800-440-5536.

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