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As the business world becomes increasingly digital, legal issues regarding intellectual property have increased exponentially. IP infringement has become all too common, and it can be challenging to obtain proper legal remedies when the creative assets of your organization are at risk. If you are in need of assistance with IP-related issues, it is important to work with an attorney who understands both the legal and technical aspects of intellectual property law.

At Nelson Cyber Law, we have in-depth knowledge of Internet law and the growing problem of intellectual property infringement. John Nelson is an up-and-coming cyber law attorney with an extensive understanding of IP law. He knows what it takes to prevail in an online legal dispute. He knows the importance of protecting critical assets, and he works closely with his clients, putting his legal and technical knowledge to work to position them for a favorable outcome.

Comprehensive Guidance with IP Legal Issues

We represent clients in several areas of intellectual property law, including but not limited to:

Copyright: Copyrights are governed by federal law and protect the tangible expression of original ideas. Examples of original works that can be protected by copyright include books, music, movies, plays, pictures, and architecture.

Trademark: Trademarks are also governed by federal law. Trademarks indicate the source of a particular product or service. Examples include words, phrases, logos, images, symbols, and other unique artistic designs. Trademarks are all over the Internet, and they are often implicated in a domain dispute.

Trade Secrets: Trade secret law is derived in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands from the Federal Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA). The five states that are not a party to the UTSA are Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. Trade secrets are unique and proprietary methods, techniques, processes, algorithms, ideas, formulas, patterns, or other exclusive knowledge that both have economic value by virtue of being secret and are the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain their secrecy.

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At Nelson Cyber Law, we provide legal guidance with protecting and enforcing copyrights and trademarks, and protecting other critical IP rights. John Nelson is equipped to successfully take on even the most seasoned adversaries, and his online knowledge and ability to dig deep into computer code is a unique asset that few other lawyers possess. He also offers reasonable rates and provides initial 30-minute consultations for free. For a personalized consultation with our skilled Internet intellectual property lawyer, contact us today at 1-800-440-5536.

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