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Why You Need a Cyberlaw Attorney On Your Team

Posted on in Cyber Crime

Florida cybersecurity attorneyTo understand why you might need a cyber law attorney now or in the future, take a quick look back. Twenty years ago, were you worried about losing control of your intellectual property because of Etsy or Amazon, or of losing control of your website domain name to a web jacker?

Shift in Transactions From People to Web Impacts Cyberlaw

Have you noticed how many business transactions have shifted from being personal-relationship-driven to being mostly or entirely web-driven? Consider all of these situations where, 20 years ago, you would have insisted on doing business one-on-one, face-to-face, but today you can - and often prefer to - conduct most of this business over the internet:

  • Making a big-ticket purchase like a computer, car, or house;
  • Working with a tax accountant, financial advisor, lender, or lawyer; and
  • Working with a writer, graphic designer, or another provider of marketing or creative services.

Shift in Documentation from Paper to Digital Requires Cyberlaw

Years back, most businesses relied on an exchange of paper documents. While paper documents could be photocopied, they could not be widely disseminated without significant cost and typically did not travel far. Today, we rely much more heavily on electronic document exchanges, and it is far too easy for such documents to be intercepted by hackers, copied, slightly altered, and widely disseminated around the globe very quickly.

Virtually Every Florida Business Now Has Critical Cyberlaw Issues

With all these changes have come a whole new set of high-tech risks that can be difficult for a business owner to identify much less understand technically. These include risks like digital intellectual property theft, website hijacking, individual identity theft by hackers, and more.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you may need an experienced cyberlaw attorney:

  • You sell products of your own design over the internet and need to protect your intellectual property from copycats;
  • You sell products through affiliates or resellers over the internet and need contracts that address the specific risks inherent in such agreements;
  • You are concerned about liability to your customers as well as damage to your business resulting from hacking or another type of cyber-attack, such as form jacking or crypto jacking. You may think only big businesses get targeted, but roughly half of U.S. small businesses have experienced a cyber attack; and
  • You want to have open forums on your website where customers can interact and even build a sense of community with others who share a particular interest, but you need to protect your business from liability related to users who act inappropriately or illegally (e.g., posting copyrighted material as if it were their own).

Consult an Experienced Tampa Cybersecurity Lawyer

If you are concerned about your business’s cybersecurity and want to make sure your business is fully protected from a variety of cyber risks, talk a knowledgeable Florida cyberlaw attorney. Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC, stays up-to-date on the latest issues in cybersecurity and other web-related legal issues. Call 1-800-440-5536 for a brief consultation at no charge.







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