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FL cyber law attorneyWith the rapid rise in technology, has come a rapidly changing landscape in the world of business. Today fewer companies utilize a conventional storefront, while almost every business looks to build a thriving online presence. With a larger percentage of businesses going online, companies need to understand the potential pitfalls of working in the cyber world. Below we will discuss the importance of a terms of service agreement, and the mistakes you should avoid when finalizing yours.

What Is a Terms of Service Agreement?

A terms of service agreement is strictly a document that aims to cover a wide array of issues related to the legal relationship between a website and its users. Failure to clearly establish the terms of the agreement can result in costly lawsuits from users or even fines from Federal Trade Commission.

While a terms of service agreement can vary based on the type of company, there are a number of criteria usually covered in any agreement. The main issues surrounding most terms of service agreements include language pertaining to how the company can use a user’s information, the nuances of the payment method used on the website, and the rights of the user.

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