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Protecting Yourself and Your Customers With Clear Privacy Policies

Posted on in Online Contracts

Florida privacy policy lawyerDue in large part to the hacking of websites and subsequent theft of the personal information belonging to millions of consumers, company and website privacy policies are facing renewed scrutiny. When storing huge amounts of data and concern for personal privacy both demand attention, it is critical for companies to establish clear guidelines for gathering and retaining information at the onset.

Protecting Privacy While Doing Business

Privacy is a cherished right, yet it is one most web users surrender every time they visit a website. As businesses strive to know more about their target audience and build stores of information as a way to grow their customer base, the use of technology to gather information is more prevalent than ever. However, building trust between a business and a customer (or potential customer) is an important part of doing business, and that is where strong privacy policies come into play.

Privacy policies provide website end users with information regarding the gathering of personal information, which information is retained, how it is stored, what the information might be used for, and other parties with which that information might be shared. Your privacy policies should reference the statutes relevant and applicable to both your industry and the area in which your company is located. Users will also want to know if your website will employ the use of cookies to find and collect personal information.

Eliminating the Vagaries of Privacy Policies

While it is acknowledged that few people actually take the time to read a site’s privacy policies prior to use, this does not reduce a company’s responsibility to establish firm guidelines for protecting the personal information it gathers. Consider these tips for writing and implementing relevant and relatable policies:

  • While maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations, work to create policies that focus on the user’s experience and are easily understandable.
  • Privacy policies that are concise and to the point will aid consumer comprehension and trust.
  • Test privacy notices to find those that consumers find most clear and understandable.

Work With a Florida Cyber Attorney who Understands the Nuances of Online Contracts

Building and keeping the trust of customers, website visitors, and other end users begins with the creation of clear and strong privacy policies. Sometimes boilerplate material just is not enough. Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC provides the knowledge and experience a business needs to establish and strengthen its online contracts. Contact a highly reputable New Port Richey cyber law and online contracts attorney by calling 1-800-440-5536 to schedule a consultation. During your meeting, we will help you establish a plan to protect your business and the privacy of your customers.






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