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Protecting Your Company from Cyber Attacks

Posted on in Cyber Crime

Floridy business cyber security lawyerBusinesses of all sizes are being targeted by hackers and other electronic criminals more and more frequently in modern times. Incidents involving large corporate entities such as Target and Equifax make national headlines, but it is a fact that even small businesses are attacked by hackers. In fact, experts agree that nearly 43 percent of all cyber attacks are launched at small businesses. 

Protecting Your Business

Being unprepared is no longer acceptable, as the cost of repairing your business’s reputation and defending your company from subsequent legal action can drain resources and even result in bankruptcy. Because physical storage of records and data is costly and can require an inordinate amount of space that could be better used for other business purposes, storage of customer information and proprietary company data is frequently converted to some electronic format. This action makes that data vulnerable to breach and theft. Here are some basics steps to follow when considering how to best protect your company’s cyber assets:

  • Identify vulnerabilities and understand the risks. Hackers have a knack for finding a company’s greatest weakness, so make sure you know it before they do.
  • Hackers like easy pickings, so encrypt your stored data. Many operating systems come standard with full-disk encryption. 
  • Install firewalls, cloak wifi networks from outside viewing, and install a password protocol that requires frequent password changes.
  • Install the most sophisticated antivirus software you can afford. Malware and other malicious viruses are often disguised and can be unleashed unknowingly by employees. 
  • Educate your employees to avoid opening suspicious emails. Bring any threats to the attention of supervisors or IT personnel. 
  • Secure your hardware. Some cyber attacks occur when a company’s hardware is stolen and removed from onsite. Investigate lock ports and other physical security measures to make equipment theft as difficult as possible.
  • Obtain cyber liability insurance, which protects your company in the event it is held liable due to misuse of data stolen in a cyber breach.
  • Keep an eye out for internal threats. Many cyber attacks are initiated from within a company, so monitor authorization requirements and track logins of all employees with high level access.

Work with a Knowledgeable Florida Cyber Law Attorney

As more companies expand business dealings to include the development, sharing, and storage of information in electronic form, it is important to work with an experienced New Port Richey Cyber attorney who understands the laws that afford the most protection from illegal breaches. Contact Nelson.law online or call 1-800-440-5536  to schedule an initial consultation. We will answer your questions and explain how to better protect your company from being exposed to electronic attack.





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