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Protect Your Online Intellectual Property

Posted on in Cyber Crime

intellectual property attorney, protect your trademarks, Florida intellectual property attorneys, copyrighted material, Patent logosOften times, to the untrained eye, the Internet seems like a vast maze of information, images, advertisements, and videos. With the constant flow of data, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the authentic from the imitation. It is just that confusion and uncertainty which emboldens unscrupulous types to appropriate the intellectual property of others and use it for one's own purposes.

Laws protecting intellectual property encourage creation, development, and innovation of ideas; however, when your company does business online nearly everything about it is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Does Theft or Misuse of Intellectual Property Really Occur?

The illegal use of protected information and material absolutely takes place as individuals attempt to “cash in” on the efforts of others. Some recent and notable examples of online intellectual property disputes include the following:

  • Napster, the online music sharing site, was eventually shut down when musicians and songwriters successfully argued that the service violated copyright laws by allowing the free sharing of protected songs.
  • Amazon filed a patent infringement suit against Barnes & Noble over the use of “1-click” shopping technology.
  • Online releases of movies stolen from Hollywood studios by hackers is also an issue. The reasons for doing so vary, but the free distribution of the material represented a clear violation of intellectual property laws.

Take Steps to Secure Critical Material

  • Copyright, Trademark, and Patent logos, music, images, and other original or proprietary information and materials, and indicate as such on resources readily available to the public—such as your website.
  • Establish and publish policies outlining fair use of your material. This clearly states the limits to which others may use your protected work.
  • Protect trade secrets to prevent competitors from using your formulas, designs, and innovations to create “knock off” or look-a-like products that leech your business and confuse consumers.
  • Once trade secrets are made public it is important to file for Patents to prevent others from using the information for their own purposes.

Taking all these steps will not necessarily prevent others from using your intellectual property illegally, but it may dissuade some parties and strengthen your legal standing should you need to retain the services of a Florida or Federal intellectual property attorney.

Seek Counsel from a Knowledgeable Florida Intellectual Property Lawyer

Prevent the illegal use of your intellectual property with help from Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC. The experienced Florida intellectual property attorneys will protect your trademarks and copyrighted material from improper use by unauthorized parties. To schedule a consultation call 1-800-440-5536.





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