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IRS Issues Warning About Email Scams

Posted on in Cyber Crime

cyber security, Florida cyber law attorney,  electronic scammers, phishing, email scamRecently, the Internal Revenue Service issued a warning that electronic scammers were using official-looking emails to illegally obtain information and hold it for ransom. Despite frequent cyber security warnings that the IRS does not solicit information by means of email, businesses have reported falling victim to this and other forms of phishing activity.

Phishing Exhibitions with Official-Looking Bait

Hackers, online scammers, and other electronic thieves have elevated their efforts in order to obtain personal, confidential, or otherwise critical data as a way to make money. A few of the latest attempts include very official looking emails:

  • Electronic crooks target a business’ payroll, human resources, or financial personnel with emails that mimic that of a company executive. They use this fake email to make requests for financial transfers into an outside account or a list of company employees and related W-2 information. This type of email scam is common during tax filing season and can result in the loss of sensitive personal data, as well as a great deal of company capital.
  • A new phishing scam uses official-looking emails that include emblems of both the IRS and FBI, and claim to provide important information about new tax law. However, a link to which the recipient is directed infects the company’s system with a virus known as ransomware, which infects and encrypts user data. The company is then contacted and informed that they are to pay a ransom for the data being held hostage.

Combat Email Scams and Attacks with Education

Perhaps the best way to avoid falling victim to harmful electronic thievery is through frequent education regarding email etiquette and policy. When it comes to the confidential data of your company and your employees, personnel must be equipped with the proper knowledge, including the following:

  • Government agencies, such as the IRS and FBI, would never use email to seek sensitive company information; and
  • Government agencies will not call to seek payment or verify your identification.

Protect Key Digital Data with Help from an Experienced Tampa Cyber Law Attorney

There is no worse feeling than when you realize business information was compromised by illicit online or electronic means. It is always best to take immediate action in an effort to protect what remains and regain possession of stolen data.

Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC practices all matters of Florida and United State cyber law to help protect digital businesses, services, intellectual property, and other proprietary information. Contact a skilled Florida cyber law attorney online or by calling 1-800-440-5536 and schedule an initial consultation to discuss who we can put our knowledge of Federal cyber law to work for you. 





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