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How to Protect Your Domain Name

Posted on in Domain Disputes

FL domain name attorneyDomains cannot be copyrighted, but they can be trademarked. And, like any other trademark, you apply for the domain trademark in order to protect your property -- in this case, your domain name is probably named after yourself or your brand. In fact, your domain name will only qualify for trademark if it has a name associated with your particular business or service.

If you feel it would be best to also protect domain names that people may confuse for yours, however, then you may also register sites that could be reached through misspelling your company name, or by typing in “.com,” when your real site is “.org.” This will keep other companies from trying to cash in on your name and/or giving you a bad name if they do not provide the same level of product or service as you.

How to Trademark Your Domain Name

Trademarking your internet domain name can be done without much effort. Here are the steps:

  1. Decide what you want your domain name to be, whether it be your brand name or something clever that has to do with your business.
  2. Visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website and search to ensure that your desired domain name is not already taken and that it will not tread on another already-trademarked brand.
  3. Fill out an application on the USPTO website, and pay the trademarking fee.
  4. Wait for approval of your desired domain name. This may take around four months.

When to File a Domain Dispute

If you have found another individual or organization using a website name that is too close to your trademarked domain name, then you may want to file a domain dispute. You may also consider a dispute if hackers have somehow transferred your domain name to use without getting your permission. This is called domain hijacking or theft. If you have let your domain name trademark expire, then it is possible that another party may legally purchase the domain, and in that case, you will likely have no recourse against them.

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