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How to Deal with Online Defamation

Posted on in Defamation Online

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_391180594.jpgAs the Internet continues to grow and evolve, there are some things about this amazing information-sharing resource that never seem to change. Many businesses and high-profile individuals frequently face the threat of damage to their reputation when instances of online defamation appear and then go viral. Fortunately, there are laws to help victims of such attacks fight back, and highly-skilled legal professionals who know how to use those laws to your advantage.

Strategies for Responding to Cyber Defamation

A business has a couple of ways they can respond when faced with a case of online defamation. Each comes with pros and cons, but it is up to each victim to determine which route would best serve them moving forward.

  • Do nothing. This requires a great deal of restraint, as it is natural to want to defend yourself against a false or hurtful statement. However, consider the circumstances and determine whether a negative post by a disgruntled customer or former employee may become buried under an avalanche of positive posts. If the statement is overly outlandish, it is likely readers will see the post for what it really is—an attempt by an individual to draw attention to him or herself.
  • Persuade the site on which the statement appears to remove the defamatory post. This is not always easy as many sites wish to protect their own reputation by supporting those who support them. However, if a company can prove the post is false or violates trademark or copyright laws, they may have success in having the post removed.
  • If you cannot get the post removed, posting a rebuttal is another option. However, publishing an official response to what is usually an anonymous post runs the risk of aggravating the situation by drawing more attention to the original post.
  • Initiate legal action against the author and/or the host site to have the statement removed. Understand all possible ramifications of filing a lawsuit before doing so, and be sure to work with an attorney who is highly skilled in the practice of cyber law and online defamation.

Fight For Your Business Reputation With Help of An Experienced Florida Cyber Lawyer

When false and damaging information is published on the internet, it has the ability to spread quickly and cause irreparable harm to a business. Fortunately, laws exist to help businesses fight online defamation and reclaim their reputation within the marketplace, and a knowledgeable and aggressive New Port Richey online defamation lawyer can help you pursue justice.  Call Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC at 1-800-440-5536 today to schedule a  free initial consultation, and learn the various strategies available to help you fight online defamation of your company.




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