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How to Copyright and Protect Your Website Content

Posted on in Intellectual Property

FL copyright lawyerCopyrighting your intellectual property is simply a good idea. When you have put so much time and effort into creating something, the last thing you want is for others to be able to steal your work and cash in on it themselves. Copyrights can protect a wide array of property, though it does not cover your ideas, operational methods, or facts. The following, however, can be protected with copyright:

  • Written work like novels, poetry, short stories, etc.
  • Dramatic writings
  • Movies
  • Musicals and songs
  • Art such as paintings, drawings, and more
  • Architectural designs

Can Your Website Be Copyrighted?

Although your actual website and domain name do not fall on the list of items that can be covered by copyright, the content you place on the website (or at least some of it) does. There is a fine line about what can be covered or not. For example:

  • A book of recipes can be copyrighted, while a list of ingredients cannot
  • A song can be copyrighted, while the name of a band cannot
  • A written expression or work of art can often be copyrighted, while a slogan or logo cannot (although some of these may qualify for trademarking)
  • A written or drawn representation of your idea may qualify to be copyrighted, but the actual idea itself cannot

How to Establish a Copyright on Your Works

An author or artist who has created a particular work is eligible to copyright that work. If more than one person was involved in the creation, then the joint authors or artists must both be involved in the copyright process. The work must not have been created as part of the creator’s duties under employment for another party.

In order to obtain a copyright, one must apply for it through the Copyright Office. There is a form that must be completed, and there is a fee involved. There is also a nonrefundable deposit, which refers to the work that the author/artist wishes to copyright. The form can be accessed online at www.copyright.gov, or the applicant may fill out a paper form.

Contact an Experienced Florida Copyright Attorney

If you need help with the copyrighting process, or you feel your copyright has been violated, Nelson Cyber Law is the law firm you should contact. You will want a knowledgeable Florida intellectual property attorney who can expertly guide you through the processes. Call 800-440-5536 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.




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