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Hacking - A New Business Tool

Posted on in Cyber Crime

Florida cyber crime and hacking attorneyThe term “hacking” conjures images of illegal activities by highly-motivated cyber criminals looking to steal and exploit vast amounts of business and personal information. However, as the internet changes and laws evolve to keep pace with the rapid growth of cyber activity, the federal government has begun considering ways by which companies might use hacking to their advantage.

Hacking to Combat Hacking

Until recently, a business’s only defense against a cyber attack or hacking might be the installation of updated firewalls or software to combat electronic intrusions. However, it seemed that as soon as new defensive software was created, hackers were finding and exploiting inherent weaknesses or developing techniques to subvert network protection.

Now steps are under consideration that would allow companies’ technical professionals to turn the tables on hackers and use their own electronic techniques to track, find, and identify perpetrators and recover lost data. This legal means of hacking is part of a new law designed to update and strengthen the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Currently, the law prohibits unauthorized access of a computer. This means only criminals can use hacking techniques to access stored data on a computer or within a network. However, the updated Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act (ACDC) includes provisions that provide authorized personnel with a legal means for employing hacking techniques in response to a cyber attack.

Unresolved Concerns Still Linger for Some Lawmakers

Despite the new law’s aim to help companies defend against illegal hacks and recover stolen data, some officials are worried that its wording contains vague language that requires clarification, and the potential for harm to networks still exists. One of the primary concerns involves the potential for damage to occur when a party misidentifies its attacker and implements defense and recovery measures that inadvertently cause harm to an innocent party’s network. Additional concerns involve whether or not the federal government is equipped to oversee and protect an expansive domain such as the internet.

Pursue Damages to Your Digital Information with an Experienced Florida Cyber Law Attorney

As the Internet continues to grow and evolve, and more businesses look for faster, more efficient ways to expedite commerce, it is important that companies seek full protection of their digital assets. A resourceful and practiced Tampa cyber law attorney who understands the legal application of state and federal statutes can be your strongest asset. Contact Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC by calling 1-800-440-5536 to schedule an initial consultation, and learn how new and existing laws governing e-commerce and other electronic business activity apply to your company’s mission.




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