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Cybersecurity Tips and Trends

Posted on in Cyber Crime

cybersecurity, hackers, Florida cyber law attorney, online attacks, Florida cyber lawMore and more companies recognize the value of using the Internet to grow and strengthen their business. Whether for communications, marketing, e-commerce, research, or other purposes, online activity among employees and customers has expanded exponentially. However, with this growth comes the increased threat to information moving along or stored by electronic means. 

Business Activity Has Moved Beyond Laptop and Desktop Computers

Hand-held devices have taken on an increased presence among business operations throughout a variety of industries. From tracking inventory to recording important statistics and other real-time data, the threat to the information stored on these devices is no less real. This may complicate matters for cyber professionals charged with protecting intellectual property

Steps for Protecting E-Commerce and Business Communication

At times, it seems that nothing is secure from the prying efforts of hackers. However, there are a number of steps companies can take to strengthen security of critical and confidential information. Some of the steps your business can take include, but are not limited to:

  • Constantly check the National Cyber Security Alliance website to learn about the latest cyber threats. You can not protect your company against threats unless you are aware of their existence.

  • Secure all web-based portals. Whether for use by customers, potential clients, or staff, ensuring the information that flows via these gateways remains secure is not only critical to business operations, but to maintaining trust among all parties. 

  • Control use of company hardware. If your company requires work by outside consultants, establish guidelines and practices for use of company equipment and transmission of business data.

  • Manage use of outside hardware for company business. It is nearly impossible to conduct business solely from the office and between the hours of 9am and 5pm. However, investment in company-owned laptops and mobile devices, rather than permitting use of personal equipment, allows for the implementation of security protocols.

  • Just as you would install firewalls and other software to protect outside intrusions, install locks or security systems on server and router cabinets or rooms to ensure only qualified personnel have access.

You Get What You Pay For 

This old adage is true about cybersecurity as it is about most things. If your company, employees, and customers rely on the Internet or electronic communication for business purposes, investment in the latest cybersecurity software or skilled professionals will enhance your ability to protect critical data.

Retain Experienced and Knowledgeable Cyber Law Attorneys

Whether you do business online, wish to defend your company against unwarranted online attacks, or pursue illegal use of your protected material, rely on the experienced team at Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC. They understand the important role of the Internet in commerce, and work to ensure your online presence is shielded from those who might attempt to harm your cyber presence. Schedule an initial consultation with this experienced Tampa attorney by contacting a Florida cyber law attorney online or by calling 1-800-440-5536.






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