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Cyber Law and the Cloud

Posted on in Intellectual Property

cyber law, Florida cyber law attorney, Cloud usage, intellectual property, Cloud servicesThe use of computers by companies doing business in a variety of industries started years ago, and continues to grow. However, with that growth came the need to to use valuable office space for servers and data storage equipment. Now companies are migrating digital information to virtual storage known as “the Cloud,” which frees up physical space, but comes with some risks.

Benefits of Cloud Usage

It stands to reason that Cloud storage usage would not be popular among companies if it did not offer valuable benefits. In addition to reducing or eliminating the need for on-site data storage, other advantages of Cloud usage include the following:

  • The Cloud offers users nearly unlimited storage capacity for electronic data;
  • Information stored on the Cloud is immediately accessible to authorized users;
  • Businesses experience enhanced computing power;
  • Software sharing and updates is made available at lower costs; and
  • The Cloud also offers platforms for such business-critical operations as data management, workflow administration, and security.

Companies have harnessed the advantages of moving business communication and operation to the Cloud to enhance the growth of commerce. However, as with most great opportunities, the Cloud comes with risks.

Legal Issues Related to Business Use of the Cloud

Although in wide use, the Cloud is a relatively new phenomenon in the business world. For this reason, it is therefore important to understand the legal risks that could impact your business and to retain a knowledgeable Florida cyber law attorney who can help guide you through the search and implementation of reputable Cloud services.

Consider the following legal issues of Cloud usage:

  • Be sure the Service Level Agreement does not only address the full scope of your intended usage, but also includes provisions for availability, outages, credits, and termination.
  • Termination or suspension of service could result in your stored data becoming inaccessible. Your service agreement should allow continued access to your data, even in the event of a service suspension.
  • Misuse or infringement, unintentional or otherwise, of intellectual property could trigger a breach of warranty with your Cloud provider. Your company must be protected from any liability.
  • Confidentiality is critical. Be sure your company obtains adequate assurances of security from its Cloud vendor.
  • Understand the fee structure and whether or not you are charged extra for automatic upgrades, data recovery, and Cloud transitions. Avoid being surprised by unanticipated charges.

Seek the Counsel of an Experienced Florida Cyber Law Attorney

As online, electronic, and virtual means of doing business expand, it is important to protect sensitive information and records and understand the avenues available to defend your Florida company against legal claims and outside attacks.

Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC practices all matters of State and Federal cyber law to provide client the best possible service. Contact a Florida cyber law attorney online or by calling 1-800-440-5536 to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney who understands cyber law and the urgency to protect your business.




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