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Can an Equifax-Like Data Breach Happen to Your Company?

Posted on in Cyber Crime

Florida cyber security attorney data breachWhen credit reporting giant Equifax announced that millions of consumer records were exposed to hackers by means of a data breach, it was just the latest in the series of recent commercial cyber attacks which have impacted millions of people. Perhaps the primary takeaway from this news is that if this type of breach can happen to a company as large as Equifax, it can happen to any company that maintains digital business and client records.

How Can a Business Protect Company and Client Data?

By most accounts, the breach at Equifax was due to complacency in addressing a software flaw in the company’s website involving a tool which consumers used to contact the company and address issues with their credit reports. Every company should be aware that hackers will seek to expose any flaw in your company’s software or website protocol.

The following, while not a complete list of tips to follow, should provide for some guidance in taking the steps necessary to avoid a security breach into your company’s data storage:

  • Once state and federal authorities announce software flaws in programs used by businesses, be aware that hackers may already be working to exploit such flaws and gain access to company data storage.
  • Ensure that company contracts with software vendors include regular maintenance reviews, updates, and a liability clause to protect against breaches from outside entities.
  • Software updates and patches may require time to implement. Take steps to reduce vulnerabilities by addressing cyber security weaknesses as soon as they are identified.
  • If necessary, retain a professional cyber security company to supplement the knowledge and efforts of internal IT personnel.

Retrieving data once it is stolen can be a nearly impossible task. This makes protecting your data, establishing secure software contracts, and maintaining liability protection key steps in ensuring your company never experiences losses due to illegal hacks.

Retain a Knowledgeable Tampa Cyber Security Attorney for Your Business

Do not allow critical business information or customer data to be used illegally. To understand the laws designed to protect your company’s cyber intelligence, it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in the ever-changing and growing field of cyber law. Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC practices Federal and state cyber law to help clients with concerns related to cyber security, master service agreements, provisions of online contracts, and more. Contact a knowledgeable Florida cyber law attorney online or by calling 1-800-440-5536 to set up a consultation. We will answer your questions and help you establish a plan that ensures the security of your company’s cyber data and intelligence.




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