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Balancing Biometric Privacy and Technological Advancements

Posted on in Cyber Crime

Tampa cyber security lawyer biometricsNo longer is it necessary for one to key-in a password of letters and numbers in order to gain access to computers, smartphones, or other electronically-secured information. The use of one’s facial features, fingerprints, and even their iris for electronic security purposes is becoming more common, yet concerns pertaining to personal privacy and use of stored information is now facing legal challenges.

Wide Use for Biometric Technology  

The use of biometric technology has allowed various businesses to enhance service and security for their customers. Some examples include:

  • Thumbprint readers are in use at high-end apartment buildings in New York City.
  • Iris scanners were installed at ATMs in Leon, Mexico for added security.
  • Walt Disney World in Florida uses fingerprint scans to check and verify park re-entry for its guests. 
  • Fingerprint scans are a common security feature on advanced smartphones.
  • Newer smartphones and iPads even come equipped with facial recognition security.

However, the use of such technology has drawn criticism, as it has led to concerns regarding the storage and alleged mishandling of personal information collected through biometric software scans. These complaints include:

  • In 2014, the state of Florida took steps to outlaw use of biometric software in public schools when it was learned that some school cafeterias used palm scanners to authorize withdrawals from student accounts to pay for food.
  • A common complaint involves the concern that once an individual’s image is captured and stored, it could be used to illegally track that person’s daily movements.
  • More recently, a lawsuit filed in Chicago is the result of a Florida man’s complaint that online photo sharing giant Shutterfly stored his image without his consent when a friend in Illinois “tagged” him in a photo. 

While companies maintain that biometric technology allows them to offer and maintain enhanced security measures, including combatting fraud, citizens continue to express concern over the possible illegal storage, sharing, and use of information obtained through biometric means.

Understand the Limits of Privacy and Technology with an Experienced Florida Cyber Law Attorney

As technology is constantly evolving, and its impact on personal and business matters changes, it is important to know how new and existing laws may affect you and your clients. Nelson Cyber Law, PLLC is experienced in the practice of Federal and state of Florida cyber law matters including, but not limited to, cyber security, master service agreements, provisions of online contracts, and other areas of this evolving area of importance. Contact a Tampa cyber law attorney online or by calling 1-800-440-5536 and schedule a consultation during which you can ask questions and learn if further counsel is necessary to ensure that your rights are preserved.







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