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intellectual property attorney, protect your trademarks, Florida intellectual property attorneys, copyrighted material, Patent logosOften times, to the untrained eye, the Internet seems like a vast maze of information, images, advertisements, and videos. With the constant flow of data, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the authentic from the imitation. It is just that confusion and uncertainty which emboldens unscrupulous types to appropriate the intellectual property of others and use it for one's own purposes.

Laws protecting intellectual property encourage creation, development, and innovation of ideas; however, when your company does business online nearly everything about it is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

Does Theft or Misuse of Intellectual Property Really Occur?


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b2ap3_thumbnail_domain-name-dispute.jpgJust as one’s company name and logo are vigorously protected against misuse and infringement, a business must remain equally vigilant to ensure its online identity is not stolen. Speedy resolution of Internet domain disputes allows a business to continue its e-commerce efforts while cracking down on those who might try to benefit from unscrupulous or even illegal use of a company’s domain.

Obtain a Strong Domain Name

Perhaps the best way to avoid domain disputes altogether would be to obtain, properly register, and monitor with vigilance your domain and online presence. This was considered much easier when the Internet hosted only generic top-level domains such as .com and country codes, but with the introduction of .net, .org, .info, and other domain names, monitoring domain names requires a renewed effort. Here are some steps for finding and establishing a strong domain name:


b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_656573074.jpgThe rapid growth and widespread use of the Internet, electronic devices, and social media spawned an increase in cyberstalking cases. While an actual “physical” element is absent, being the victim of verbal, mental, or emotional intimidation by means of electronic communication is no less unnerving. 

Considered an emergent crime at one time, the increase in electronic harassment or cyberstalking required Florida, as well as other state and federal jurisdictions, to complete a thorough review and update of stalking and harassment laws. The changes were made to better reflect the onset of electronic harassment with more inclusive definitions and resources. 

How Does Florida Define Cyberstalking?


Recognizing and Defending Your Business from Online DefamationThe line between free speech and protecting your reputation is often very fine. While open discourse is key to a free society, the law must get involved when that discourse crosses a line. The rise in popularity of Social Media has resulted in an increase in the occurrence of defamation on the Internet; businesses must learn to identify online defamation, as well as the recourse that is available to them.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many other Social Media forums allow users an opportunity to interact with people and businesses located around the world. These Social Media outlets offer a great deal of power and responsibility that some just cannot handle it. It is those who would use their access to Social Media irresponsibly that should find themselves facing legal action.

Businesses find themselves the target of a Social Media diatribe more and more frequently these days, and must be prepared to defend themselves from false statements that might damage their reputation and ability to conduct trade in the marketplace.


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With the optimization of various social media platforms and increased integration between our lives and our technology, an area of the law known as cyber law has come to the forefront of the legal industry.

Various television shows have been dedicated to different facets of cyber law, like CSI Cyber, but do a poor job of explaining what cyber law truly entails.

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